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peacing things together…

Christopher David Ryan Print

Christopher David Ryan Print

Perfection is not my goal in life. But respect for other people is. Sometimes I forget that I live in a bubble here in Los Angeles where there is more diversity and openness to differences. I am shocked and saddened by recent events. While I try not to get political here, it's not political when it's about human decency and just being a nice person. I'm hoping that someday—for our children's sake—everyone can and will focus on being their best selves and respect everyone for who they are—and not judge others for the way they look, what religion they are, or part what the country they are from. I beg you…to please teach kindness, compassion, equality, and love to future generations…

{Print by Christopher David Ryan}


  1. Appreciate this post so much!! While I turn to your blog for inspiration and (sometimes) escape, I think it is courageous for you to stand up and vocalize that this is not okay. Ignorance is what got us here, so thank you for keeping these issues in the minds of all who look to and follow you 🙂

  2. YES.
    When people say they don’t want to be “political”, what they really mean is they don’t want to face hard truths about our world.
    Denouncing hatred is not political.
    Ignoring the problem of hatred does not make it go away.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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