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Back to School for Parents…

back to school for moms...

back to school for moms...

“Back-to-school” usually means an exciting time in kids’ lives to meet new friends, new teachers and get back into the daily routine of learning and growing. However, that shouldn’t be limited to our children! Rather than waiting for a January New Year's resolution, I find that sending my kids back to school inspires me to go back to school myself to keep learning and growing. In partnership with Acer, here are some ways I'm going "back to school" this fall, too…

back to school for moms

1. Multi-task learning. While making the next day's lunch for my kids in the evenings, I can listen to a podcast or a book on tape. Some of my favorite podcasts cover topics like entrepreneurship, business management and even some fiction for fun! And, if my kids are awake and listening, I love educational, kid-friendly ones which I actually end up learning a ton of fun facts from, too. It's actually kind of soothing, and I love that I'm learning and being inspired while packing those sandwiches.

back to school for moms

2. That work out you say you never have time for. I always say I'm too busy with work and life and kids to work out. But there are so many times that the kids are at home playing contently together, and I could so easily get in a quick workout online. I love the fact that I can use my Acer Spin 7 to watch both long and short workout videos, depending on how much time I have. My kids think it's fun to join in, too, and before you know it, we're all just jumping around!

back to school for moms...

3. Journaling. When's the last time you wrote in a journal? I used to find it so therapeutic in my college and young adult days to work through my thoughts. But I've become so electronic and rarely write by hand in journals anymore. So I've found that typing a journal works just as well. It allows me to go through my day and my thoughts but in the method that currently works for me—typing on a computer!

I am no stranger to technology and will gladly let it help me better myself. Portability is key for all of this self-improvement. While waiting in the pick-up line for my daughter, I can read a new book, work on my to-do lists, or write out my goals for the week/month/year, journal, or plan my next work out. Because the Spin 7 is actually a laptop that can fold over to be used like a tablet, it is portable and can go where I go for my kids’ back-to-school schedule, and allow me to go back myself!

What are some ways that you make time for yourself to learn and grow? And how to do you make the time with everything else going on?


This content is sponsored by Acer. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Why is this focused on moms and not parents? In my house my husband takes the lead on a lot of childcare responsibilities and lots of households (in your LA community) have 2 dad’s or single dads.
    Disappointing to see dated stereotypes reinforced.

  2. Alexis,
    You are totally right. It actually wasn’t meant to for just moms. We’ve corrected the title as the rest of the post was written as intended for all parents in general.
    Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Thanks for this, Joy! I appreciate how you include real substance in your partnership posts and share thoughtful ideas. Right now I am trying to take those time out moments for attention to breath or gentle stretches. It is nice to have some calm spaces, even if they are only a few minutes long.


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