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a fun fall outfit…

A Fun Fall Outfit / Oh Joy!

A Fun Fall Outfit / Oh Joy!

Even though we are having an obscenely hot week here in Los Angeles, I am seriously ready for fall with thicker and softer fabrics that come with the season. Velvet….yes! Faux fur…please! This is my new favorite outfit for a Los Angeles fall that combines higher end and lower end pieces and a bunch of different beautiful textures…

A Fun Fall Outfit / Oh Joy!

I love this outfit because it…

1. feels like I'm wearing PJ's…I mean, SO soft!

2. mixes high and low…an indie jacket from dRA with a mass market jumper from Target.

3. offers fall twist off my usual bright color palette with this mix of mustard, navy, and white!

4. mixes hard and soft, cozy and sleek. The outfit could feel frumpy because of all the soft textures, but adding a little heel makes it feel more dressy and chic.

A Fun Fall Outfit / Oh Joy!

A Fun Fall Outfit / Oh Joy!

{Photos by Lily GlassMural by A Dapper Line at Light Lab. My outfit is: dRA jacket, Target (girls) jumper, and Marais sandals.}


  1. i was wondering the same thing since it’s cat and jack! they have such cute stuff and i would love know if i could fit in it. how tall are you joy?!

  2. Meredith,
    I am 5’2” and wearing a size L. I find that kids stuff works if you’re petite until 5’4” but also not curvy. I have no hips (sadly) and so I’ve been able to get away with some cuts of girls clothing and save money in the process!

  3. wow, i thought you were much taller! i’m 5’3″ and a little curvier since having two kids, but maybe i’ll try an xl someday. could be fun to match with baby girl! thanks for replying!!

  4. This outfit is the cutest, comfortable and stylish – my favourite! I love how you have dressed it up with heels, although I’m not quite sure I could do the same in the UK right now. I might get very chilly toes! Love the jacket and can’t wait to have a look around their site, mustard is just my absolute favourite! Who said yellow can’t be for autumn!
    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

  5. Joy… your fashion sense is gorgeous… just falling in love with your blog… been through two posts and both overwhelmed me… so personal and live… keep up the good work…. 🙂
    the way you stretch your leg on the first pics just indicates how comfy the dress is… I wonder how my wife will look if she wears it…. 😛 she is not that tall.. haha
    planning to feature you as “Creative and Gorgeous” on ours..


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