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happy friday + get your shine on…

Oh Joy / Get Your Shine On!

Oh Joy / Get Your Shine On!

The other day, I heard someone say on a viral video "Get Your Shine On", and it has stuck with me every day since. I think I usually have that mentality in the back of my head to go out in the world and do my thing. But sometimes I'm so tired and spent from the day or from always being so go, go, go—that I forget to embrace the good, the great, the amazing. That phrase is a reminder to us all to take everything that's going right to put that into more good for the future.

So, whatever you have planned for this weekend, however your week was (or wasn't), go get the weekend, embrace it, and GET YOUR SHINE ON!

{Photo by Lily GlassMural by Eric Junker. My outfit is: Crew and Lu, Arm Tights by Spanx, boots by Loeffler Randall.}



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