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happy friday + parents magazine cover!



OMG. I am seriously in shock that I just posted that photo up there. On a recent Saturday, we spent the morning at my studio being photographed for the COVER of Parents Magazine! I was pretty much like…."Um, are you sure you are asking the right person? Did you call the right number?" I am honored to have been included and to be joined by two of my favorite people ever—my girls, Ruby and Coco—on the cover. My husband was standing just off camera beaming with pride. Here's a little peak from behind-the-scenes at our shoot for the December issue out now…

Oh Joy on Parents Magazine

Oh Joy on Parents Magazine

Oh Joy on Parents Magazine

I got to wear some seriously amazing outfits, dance around with my kids, and work with the super talented team over at Parents Magazine. It was a pretty epic day.

Oh Joy on Parents Magazine

There's a fun article inside the December issue (which is now out on newsstands) and a fun behind-the-scenes video you can see here! Oh, and happy Friday!

{Final photos by Ari Michelson for Parents.}


  1. This makes me so happy! I stumbled upon Oh Joy when you were planning your wedding and I was looking for design inspiration for my house. Congratulations on your incredible success! It’s been fun to watch it all unfold and to see how much drive and energy and hard work went into it. Not to mention all of that talent.

  2. Joy this is amazing both for you and for all the young women and little girls who will see an example in you. As a child I can never remember seeing an asian woman on the cover of a magazine. Seeing this brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Congrats, Joy! You look so gorgeous on the cover and the girls are super adorable! Of course, your husband was beaming with pride. This is super awesome! Can’t wait to read this issue of Parents magazine! Happy weekend!

  4. This brought me so much happiness! I have been trying to find Parents magazine in DC, but no luck at CVS and grocery stores like Safeway and Harris Teeter. Do you know which stores would hold them in this area? Congrats!


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