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maximizing a small space…

Maximizing a Small Space / Oh Joy!

Maximizing a Small Space / Oh Joy!

My very first grown-up apartment to myself was a 400 square foot studio in Brooklyn Heights. It was honestly HUGE for New York City standards. Living in a small space, I had to maximize areas and figure out how one flows into another when it's just one open room. Today, we're showing you how to take a super small space and make the most of it! Here, we turned one room into two—an office and lounge. It's great for studio apartments or if you don't have an entire room that you can dedicate to an office. When turning one space into two, here are a few things to keep in mind…

Maximizing a Small Space / Oh Joy!

01. Wall color—A fun way to designate space is to paint the walls in two different (but complementary) colors to help differentiate one area from the other. It gives your eyes an indication that the space is separate, plus it's an unexpected décor tip you don't see very often.

Maximizing a Small Space / Oh Joy!

2. Use a large bookcase or rugs for division. If you can't paint the walls, placing a large bookcase in middle of the two areas helps to create some division. You can also carve out two separate areas with two different rugs.

Maximizing a Small Space / Oh Joy!

3. Unite the two areas with decor and accessories that compliment both sides  Once you have visually divided the spaces, you still want them to feel cohesive in style. So make sure to carry over some common colors in both spaces. For example, we carried the bright pink color over from the lounge area to the office keeping the ratio of the color different in each.

Sources: Target Pirouette paint, J. Otto Seibold house print, Framebridge frame, Hiroyuki Izutsuprint, Framebridge frame, Homegoods weaving, vintage hot pink chairs, Arro Home dotty pillow, Target trio lamp, Target side table, Arro Home eye pillow, Target round rug, Target Bonsai paint, Kristi Kohut striped print, Eric Trine plant stand, Target book shelf, Folia Collective black planter, vintage deer figurine, Target wooden boxes (past season), Ikea wall grid organizer, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Anthropologie stapler, Target lamp, Target desk, Urban Outfitters folding chair, Lorena Canals pattern rug, Urban Outiftters gold planter.

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.} 



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