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A Few of My Favorite Snacks Lately…

My favorite snacks / Oh Joy!

My favorite snacks / Oh Joy!

I am a HUGE snacker. I'm someone who can't usually finish a whole meal, but instead can snack on things throughout the day. I also find that snacking helps with my blood sugar level (aka crankiness levels) in the afternoon so I'm pretty much always looking for snacks I can keep at work, at home, and in my car to avoid getting hangry like I can sometimes! Ha. Sometimes I share my go-to snacks on Instagram stories but wanted to post them here so they can stay together in an easy-to-find list for you guys. So here goes…

01. Mylk Labs Oatmeal — I always want to like oatmeal, but usually find the packets to be bland and boring. I tried this for the first time this week at Broome St. General and loved it. It's such an easy and great snack to keep at work for morning breakfast or an afternoon snack!

02. Topo Chico Water — So water is not a snack, but an accompaniment to a snack. I've tried this at a couple restaurants, and it's so, so crisp and bubbly. If you like SUPER bubbly water, this one is for you.

03. Bare Apple Chips — Sometimes I find apple chips to be too chewy or taste like spongy apples. But these are crispy, sweet, and tangy and so delicious. I'll have these when I want something crispy but don't want something too salty.

04. Arare Rice Crackers by Lotus Foods — I went through a three month period, where I ate these almost every night as a late night snack. I love spicy things so this was the perfect touch of spice for me (they also have non-spicy ones). But the crackers are crispy and textured and fun to eat.

05. Dang Sticky Rice Chips and Dang Chocolate Covered Coconut Chips — I've been a long-time fan of this brand since they have a lot of Thai-style snacks. And being that I'm Thai, I'm always down for more flavors from my Motherland. The sticky rice chips and chocolate covered coconut chips are my favorites.

06. Crispy Green Asian Pear — These are freeze-dried so they have a lighter and fluffier texture than most dried fruits you've probably tried. They make for a great light snack. And my kids LOVE them!

07. Kohk and Sahk Pork and Beef Jerky — I first tried this brand at Smorgasburg and love the flavors and textures of this Laotian jerky. It's great when you need protein and something a little more filling than chips or crackers.

08. Gr8nola — I don't usually eat granola straight from the bag, but love it most on top of yogurt or oatmeal for extra crunch and sweetness.


  1. What stores do you find these at? I can’t find them anywhere except Amazon but I’d prefer to not buy them in bulk.


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