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Oh Joy! Builds a House: A Construction Update!

Oh Joy! Builds A House / Construction Update

Oh Joy! Builds A House / Construction Update

What a year it has been! In my spare time, I've been overseeing the construction of our new house…which is equal parts scary and equal parts exciting! We're now more than halfway done with most of the work so far being structural. Every single detail is checked and permitted to make sure the home is safe, stable, and earthquake proof. However, we've just started framing the house. This is the phase where it's really starting to look like a house! So here's a fun video today to share a construction update with you!

I'm so glad we installed the time lapse cameras as it's so crazy and cool to watch this long process over the course of just a few seconds. And, once the house is completely done, we'll have incredible footage what it once for our forever memories.

Oh Joy! Builds A House / Construction Update

Oh Joy! Builds A House / Construction Update

Now that the site is a little more safe for our kids to visit, it's been SO fun bringing them regularly so they can see all the work involved in building a home from scratch. In 2019, we'll be ramping up our posts more often and beginning to share my interiors process and plans with you as we get closer and closer to finishing the house. 

Oh Joy! Builds A House / Construction Update

Check out my post over at Architectural Digest's Clever to read a more detailed breakdown of all the phases shown in the above video. In the new year, we'll start diving into the interiors process and design!

{Photos by Lily Glass, video by Jenner Brown. Brinno timelapse cameras from Timelapse Cameras.} 


  1. We traced our hands on the framing of our house, too!! It makes me smile every time I walk past that little hidden piece of our family!

  2. This process looks so fun! Sorry if you already addressed this in one of the previous related posts, but how long did the permit process take? Any tips about that part?

  3. Hi Genevieve,
    The permitting process (in order for us to start) took two years. We bought the land in 2014 and started in 2017.
    I didn’t do a post on the permitting process specifically because our Architects and Contractors deal with most of it. But in LA, it’s very slow. Ours was probably longer than normal due to our specific land, and you can certainly pay expeditors to help move it along but we didn’t do that.


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