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Gift Baskets for Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week / Gift Basket via Oh Joy!

Teacher Appreciation Week / Gift Basket via Oh Joy!

Did you know that next Tuesday is Teacher Appreciation Day!? Schools are celebrating teachers all next week for Teacher Appreciation Week, so today we're showing you a super fun and thoughtful gift basket that you can give your kid's teacher! We filled them with a few of our favorite things that teachers would love. But, feel free to customize it to your child's teacher and their favorite things. You can also make a basket of any size…it could have just one or two things in it or a medley of things. Check it out…

Teacher Appreciation Week / Gift Basket via Oh Joy!

You can fill your baskets with…
Colorful pens or pencils
Swizzle sticks
Power luggage tag
– Reusable water bottle
– Fancy chocolate bar
– Desk accessories
Stationery items
Colorful scarf
Coasters or home accessories
– A little confetti just for fun!

Teacher Appreciation Week / Gift Basket via Oh Joy!

We got these cute baskets from Target and added pom poms to give them a splash of color! How do you show teachers your appreciation!? I'd love to hear!

Sources shown: Target baskets (dollar section, we added the poms), ruler, pencils, Anne & Kate swizzle sticks, Carolyn Suzuki white notebook, Carolyn Suzuki blush notebook, Lolli & Pops chocolate bar, Knot & Bow confetti, Xenia Taler coasters, Pinch gold stripe kit, Oh Joy x Calpak luggage tag charger, Rifle Paper x Corkcicle water bottle, Sugarfina candy bar, Le Pen pastel pens, Castro scarf, Knot & Bow confetti, Knot & Bow heart stickers, Pinch glitter kit, Anne & Kate swizzle sticks, Idlewild Co. rainbow notepad, Pinch marble tech kit, Knot & Bow confetti, washi tape, Paper Source gold pretzel. 

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.}


  1. As a teacher I always appreciate gestures like this from parents, but please, please, NEVER give a teacher confetti. Tiny pieces of paper I will have to pick out of the carpet so the custodian doesn’t stop speaking to me make me sooooo anxious. Honestly, my favorite gift I ever got from a parent was a gift card to a car wash (I can’t possibly use it to buy things for my classroom, so it was clearly a gift that was meant for me to enjoy).

  2. Agreed with above. I’m a teacher. I have 1000 things I need, but never confetti or swizzle sticks, or another mug… The key to demonstrating appreciation, that I teach my kids everyday, is thinking about the recipient of a gift, rather than what the giver enjoys. This might be pretty, but it’s not what teachers want or need. I need pencils, expo markers, wipes… I love coffee cards, manicure cards, eat24 cards, things that show you want to give back to the recipient. That’s appreciation for the recipient, not validation for the giver.

  3. What a lovely collection of items for a teacher! I love how there are so many ways to say appreciation, and this is an example of one! My sister is a teacher and I know she would be OVER THE MOON to receive a gift like this- confetti and all!

  4. So pretty! I think what teachers (I am one, and a parent/appreciator-of-teachers too) are responding to is the idea that some people read this and think it’s an expectation they have to follow, or teachers won’t appreciate it. Clearly, not what you’re conveying, but I have read plenty of friends comments that they’re frustrated by the idea that teacher gifts have to be perfect. ANY gesture is welcome, even if it’s a tiny piece of chocolate, a picture, a nice note, or just a kind word. I guess my message to people is, there’s no expectation for this. No gesture goes unappreciated as a teacher. If you want to do this, thank goodness there’s a beautiful example of how to do it up big, if not, do what you can and the love will still be there 😉


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