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Julia’s 3/300: Flying Trapeze!

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy! // Trapeze School New Year + Los Angeles

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy! // Trapeze School New Year + Los Angeles

Hi! I'm Julia. I'm the Creative Content Director and Stylist over here at Oh Joy! I handle all of the creative conception and production for the daily blog posts, production for our photoshoots, as well as prop styling all of the other photos you see on social media and on the Oh Joy! Shop. You've probably also seen me singing or dancing while I work! 

Joy recently implemented the 3/300 program for us which basically gives us 3 extra days off a year and $300 to try something new! So For my first 3/300, I decided to take one of the days for a flying trapeze class with Trapeze School New York Los Angeles. This wasn't something brand new for me as I've taken a class twice before. But it's been over 8 years since my last class, and I wanted to challenge myself to do it again to help me slowly overcome my fear of heights. 

Another reason I decided to take this class again was because the last time I did it, I didn't have a great experience and didn't want it to end there. They teach you a knee hang where an instructor is up there to catch you following your knee hang. The goal of each class is to get caught…and that didn't happen for me. So this time around, I was determined to get it right and to get caught! Also it's been over 8 years since I last did it. A lot has happened in 8 years—I had two children, and my body has changed in so many ways. I wanted to see if I physically could still do it. 

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy!

Even though my fear of heights has gotten better, trust me, I still get crazy scared. My palms start to sweat and I start to shake uncontrollably. That didn't change when it was my turn to walk up that rickety metal ladder. Walking up that ladder and standing up on that platform for the first time again was freaking terrifying! It felt like I was up there forever. An instructor is up there holding you as you lean over the platform with 10 toes hanging off it. You have to push your hips out and hang over the edge to grab the bar and get in position which is so scary to trust that someone is able to hold all of your body weight like that. 

Trapeze is all about timing. You have to go when they tell you to. If you don't, you'll miss your moment to either do a trick or to be in the right placement in the air to get caught. So once the instructor said "HUP" I knew I had get myself off that platform and swinging on that bar! It was still scary every single time I climbed up there and reached for the bar, but every single time it was so exhilarating.  

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy!

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy!

At the end of the day, I achieved my goal. I got up there, I reached for the bar, I swung hanging from my knees, and I got caught! I'm pretty proud of myself and what my body accomplished that day. My mind and body are stronger than I sometimes give it credit for. I can't wait to go back, and I hope to take my kids one day. Also, I was probably the oldest person in class. I took it alongside some pretty courageous 8 year olds and there was also the cutest little 5 year old boy who had no fear! 

Julia's 3/300: Flying Trapeze! // via Oh Joy! // Trapeze School New Year + Los Angeles

So if there's something you've been wanting to do, but something has held you back, do it. Book it! Get in the car, and go there! You won't regret it because if you leap, the net will appear (and in my case, literally as well ;). 

{Written by Julia Wester}


  1. what a wonderful way to use one of your days!! so cool to see you attempt something scary! nice work!!


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