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be curious activity: colorful curiosity!

be curious activity: colorful curiosity!

be curious activity: colorful curiosity!

While home with the kids, we wanted to share a few ways to create sunshine during your day with our weekly activity inspired by our BE CURIOUS! book launching on April 7th! These are simple activities you can do with materials you have at home to inspire colorful curiosity especially for little ones from ages 2-6…


Simply make small squares of color and paste on a single page. Then search the house to find small objects that match each color square! Find the full tutorial here.  

be curious activity: colorful curiosity!


Here's a great time to make use of all those crayon bits we have laying around to create something new! Kids can help come up with their favorite color combinations or group similar colors (all the greens, for example) together! Find the full instructions right here.

be curious activity: colorful curiosity!


If it's warm where you live, get in some outdoor time with chalk art, and these gems are so fun for kids to help make and then get to use. See how right here.

be curious activity: colorful curiosity!-800wi


Super fun and tactile especially for little ones as small as 1 year old, we love this project that turns into your very own masterpieces! The color options here are endless! See that one right here.

Color is all around us and certainly inspires a ton curiosity and creating! Let us know which projects you create together! Also, check out our Make with Kids Pinterest board for more ideas!

(Photos by Lily Glass and Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, Wilmarose Orlanes, and Ariel Fulmer, Production Assistance by Jess Hong.)


  1. These are great ideas for younger kids! I was just thinking about doing a scavenger hunt for my kiddo but unsure how because he can’t read yet! Love the smushed paint idea too! Thank you!


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