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when is the house tour coming?

Joy Cho Oh Joy Builds A House

Joy Cho Oh Joy Builds A House

I know you have all been patiently waiting for a house tour and final reveals! We’re in a completely unknown time with our city half shut down and stay-at-home orders, so while my house is done and we are living in it, we are waiting until it’s safe to get a photographer in there to capture the spaces in the way that they deserve to be captured and shown to you. So please know…we are working on it, and we will reveal as soon as we can while we wait for the world to start to return to normal!

However, in the meantime…I’m still sharing peeks here and there. I have two years of posts and process you can check out if you missed any of them! Here are a few places that contain all the house goodness:

Oh Joy Story Highlights

1) Instagram Story Highlights – Saved to my highlights are stories I’ve done all along the way.  There are four highlights currently (look for “House | 1” “House | 2” etc.)


2) Instagram Posts – Search the hashtag #OhJoyBuildsAHouse and you’ll see all my IG posts relating to the house.

Pinterest Board Oh Joy Builds A House

3) Pinterest – All of the products I am using in my house can be found on my board Oh Joy Builds A House.

Joy's House Oh Joy Blog

4) Oh Joy! Blog – Right here! You can see all the process posts (and someday soon all the final reveal posts) on the blog under the section Joy’s House!

If you have any other comments or questions, please ask below!


  1. Yay for safety! In the meantime we can all think of you and your sweet family living it up in your amazing home. Please enjoy this special time together in the home you dreamed up and are making real everyday. <3

  2. We are all looking forward to the house tour, and having it happen when you have had time to live in the space a while will actually make it more valuable to us. We will get a better sense of how things are working, what you especially love, what surprised you.
    Also? I really feel it is the least we happy readers can do to let you and your family have some peace and privacy in your new home, regardless of shelter in place status. So if and when the time is right, share whatever way you wish. YAY! Thank you, Joy!


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