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my favorite pots and planters!

Oh Joy Planter Guide

Oh Joy Planter Guide

During this time of quarantine and staying home, I’ve been growing my plant collection. The act of watering the plants and caring for them has been surprisingly therapeutic, plus I love adding more life to my home with these plant friends. I’ve had questions from you about where to find great planters, so here a few of my favorite online shops….

Capra Designs

Capra Designs makes a range of beautiful pots with fun colors, sizes, and textures and are designed with built-in trays to collect water which I love.

Eco Vibe Style

Ecovibe has a great variety (I especially love these standing planters) plus they sell plants and offer local plant delivery locally to Portland where they are located.


My friend, Justina, has an eclectic mix of planters and vases at the Jungalow many of which double as planters for plants or vases for flowers.

Angus and Celeste

I love the colors and textures In these pots by Angus & Celeste. They are based in Australia, but offer shipping worldwide.

Folia Collective

Finally, Folia Collective carries a limited selection of both Angus & Celeste as well as Capra which makes them a great option if you’re getting a single piece or want to mix brands. If you’re in Los Angeles, they also do plant delivery which has been my go-to for slowly expanding my collection for my home.

I also love looking for unique pots at vintage home decor shops like Sunbeam Vintage!

When it comes to pots, I mostly buy ones that have drainage holes with trays or built-in water catchers. I do have some with no drainage in which you can add rocks at the bottom to help avoid water collecting at the bottom which isn’t great for plants. I’ve also learned a lot about plant care and styling from Hilton Carter’s two books Wild at Home and Wild Interiors!


  1. I love how the variety of pot designs pair well with the beautiful leaves of the various plants!! Yes! I find that working with plants is sort of meditative in nature too. Do you find yourself talking to your plants? Thank you for this awesome and helpful post!

  2. Yay, for our Baltimore plant guru Hilton Carter! I find a lot of vintage pots with drainage holes. I just got my husband to use a ceramic bit and problem solved!

  3. Thanks for sharing these awesome resources! I purchased two hanging planters from Angus & Celeste after seeing this post, and I just love them! It’s been such a JOY to follow along on your journey of building a home. Your house is so beautiful – not a surprise at all of course.


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