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positive things you can do this weekend…

Basket of Flowers

Basket of Flowers

Happy Friday! The world seems upside down right now, and sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel during this truly atypical year. But there are also good things in this world, and things we can do for ourselves, our families, and our communities to bring light, change, and happiness! So I'm encouraging you this weekend to do one of these three things for yourself and for your community. And, you get extra credit and fifty gold stars if you do all three! 🙂

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Early detection is so important. I have had friends and family member with breast cancer and have seen how early detection saves lives. So call your doctor, get your yearly appointment scheduled, check yourself monthly, if you're old enough (like me ;), get a mammogram.  Do it for yourself and your family.  I can't say it better than Anada Lewis did in this IGTV. Check it out and then take care of yourself!

I have shared a lot about COVID-19 safety on Instagram, but one of the things I have learned in this pandemic, is how much injustice we allowed or ignored in our society before. One of those areas is the flu. Between 8,000-20,000 people die each year from the flu. While we should all be getting our flu shots every year, this year it's more important than ever to protect against the flu while Covid-19 is still very present. There are those around us that need us to get flu shot because they have weakened immune systems or are susceptible to the flu, but getting the shot (even if you're healthy) helps to prevent you from spreading it to someone who may not be as healthy. A week or two of misery for you might be a hospital stay or death for someone else. So go get your flu shot, and encourage everyone around you to get theirs as well. Let's emerge from this pandemic with more empathy for others and a willingness and eagerness to make small choices that help ourselves and everyone around us. And on that same note, please wear a mask when in close proximity to others in public. It's still our number one protector for the spread of COVID-19.

TAKE A WALK (and pick up trash!)
My only escape from the house right now includes outdoor walks and parks, and I know it's the same for a lot of you. And, have you noticed the amount of plastic gloves or disposable masks left as litter? Since you already have your mask and gloves or hand sanitizer with you, challenge yourself and your family to each pick up ten pieces of trash. Sanitize after you pick up and, of course, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when you get home. Help clean up your community while you're getting a breath of fresh air. It's win-win.

Happy weekend all!

(Photo by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.)


  1. My husband and I bought trash pickers to take with us to the park to pick up trash. We’ll assign points to various types of trash to make a game out of it. I recommend it!


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