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oh joy gift guide: kids books

2020 Oh Joy! Gift Guide - Kids' Books

2020 Oh Joy! Gift Guide - Kids' Books

The first of our gift guides for the holiday is here! This has been a whirlwind year full of emotions, heartbreak, and personal discoveries. Gifts this year feel like they need to have more meaning than ever. Whether that means making gifts, spending a little less than usual, or giving gifts that have extra special meaning, we're focused on sharing our favorites with those sentiments in mind. Today, I'm starting with kids' books which I share regularly throughout the year, but these are some great ones to punctuate the end of this unique year for our little ones, too!

1) Oh So Kind! by Joy Cho and illustrated by Angie Stalker is the third book in our series of Oh Joy! Story Books for kids that came out this year! This book launches on December 1 just in time for the holidays. Our main character is a lovable Llama in a wheelchair who brings warmth by demonstrating and celebrating kindness with this big-hearted book about being a good friend, neighbor, and family member! Written for ages 0-3 but it also makes a perfect story for first-time readers to enjoy! 

2) Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed The World by Elena Favilli is an informative, empowering, and educational read for bigger kids. My kids love reading about a person or two per night as an option for bedtime reading.

3) How To Spot An Artist by Danielle Krysa is a fun way to show that anyone can be an artist, and you don't have to be perfect at it. I love this book for kids ages 3-7 especially for those who are still growing their creative skills.

4) Ditto Kids Magazine: Issue 1 Belonging would make a great start to an on-going subscription for an educational, diverse, and interactive magazine that kids ages 3-11 would love.

5) All Because You Matter by Tami Charles empowers, informs, and reminds kids about the importance of each and every child and reminds them they are all here for a great reason.

6) Everyday Smiles by Guy Kopsombut is a super cute comic-style book with sweet characters and sentiments. It's a book that's great for kids and also grown-ups who need a little pick-me-up!

7) Habbi Habbi's First Words is a part of their amazing series of language books (currently in Spanish and Mandarin). These are interactive and useful for kids of all ages who are learning these languages.

8) A Kids Book About Optimism by Meir Kay makes for a much needed 2020 read! Just when we feel stuck at home, missing our friends, or wondering when life will return to "normal", here's a great reminder to look towards the sunshine and what's to come.

9) Handmade Charlotte Playbook by Rachel Faucett is like a giant guidebook of crafts! This will make for a great resource whenever you're looking for crafty projects for kids to do on a rainy day, over winter break, or any day!


  1. What a thoughtful and lovely collection of kids’ book recommendations! I’m constantly on the lookout for book gifts to all the book lovers in my life, which I’m convinced is everyone 😀 Have you read “Hedgehog needs a hug”? Another sweet one 🙂


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