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thanksgiving dishes and treats to try…

Oh Joy Thanksgiving Table Center Piece

Oh Joy Thanksgiving Table Center Piece

Thanksgiving might look different this year. So even if you're celebrating with your smaller at-home family, here are some fun (and festive!) ways to serve up some NO COOKING REQUIRED treats for the big day…

Oh Joy Fall Salad

1. Fall Salad – Use carrots, pecans, purple onions and pears to bring bright colors and delicious flavors to your Thanksgiving table. Topped with a cranberry relish dressing, your family will be sure to love it. The full recipe is right here

Oh Joy Mini Thanksgiving Pies

2. Mini Thanksgiving Pies - I love the idea of having an individual dessert for everyone sitting at the table (and maybe two or three more for treats later).  These no-bake pies are a fun and easy way to have dessert done ahead of time. Check out the four easy steps here

Oh Joy Snacking Centerpiece

3. The Snacking Centerpiece - This looks like a beautiful centerpiece made from…that's right…ice cream cones! But it gets even better because you can fill the cones with fresh fruits and vegetables (or nuts and candies) for snacking prior to, during, or after the meal. It's a treat to grab a snack from the centerpiece while the decor still remains beautiful! You can see how to make this centerpiece here

Oh Joy Orange Turkey Place Cards

4. Clementine Name Cards - Keeping with the theme of edible decor, how cute are these name card turkeys? It's a fun DIY for you and the family before the big day and a delicious treat once everyone has found their place. It's win, win! For the turkey DIY, you can find details right here

(Photos by Lily Glass and Casey Brodley. Styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong.)


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