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Rosebowl Treasures

Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite monthly spots—The Rosebowl Flea Market. I wanted to share with you some things I got and some things I loved but didn’t get. Come take a look…

Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite monthly spots—The Rosebowl Flea Market. Right now, so many of our usual plans have been cancelled or postponed, so it was nice to be able to do something outside that felt inspiring. I wanted to share with you some things I got and some things I loved but didn’t get. Come take a look…

Things I Did Get

Fiberglass Bowls ($60 for 7 bowls) – Made in the 60’s, this was a set of 7 small bowls (ice cream or cereal size). I fell in love with the pattern and the colors, plus they were in excellent condition. I have a small obsession with vessels of all kinds (vases, bowls, cups) because they aren’t just decorative but functional, too. So these were well-worth the price to me.

Tip: When it comes to vintage dinnerware, I only buy if they are in excellent shape. I want to be able to wash them without having to feel too precious about it.

Glass “Candleholder” ($50) – When I saw this piece, it stopped me in my tracks. The shape, color, and pure presence of it was just stunning. It was marked as a candleholder, but it could be used to hold lots of things (pencils, paintbrushes, dried florals). This is one of those pieces that I talk about often in home decor – a style that adds character to a home (on a shelf or counter) and can sit out and be decorative but can also be functional, too. And that green is just perfect!

Tip: Always think about double function when it comes to vintage home decor. It’s ok to buy something special that is just decorative, but if it’s functional, think about how you could use it in your home as well.

Things I Didn’t Get

Amazing Vintage Glasses ($225-300) – OMG…these clear glasses with rhinestones were amazing! I knew I wouldn’t even consider buying them because of the price tag, and I have enough prescription glasses frames for now. Plus, they didn’t fit my face well at all. But they are amazing and a statement piece for sure for someone who wears glasses regularly as both a functional piece and an accessory. You can find similar on Etsy if you’re looking!

Tip: If you’re ever looking for something wearable and vintage (like glasses), make sure they are in excellent condition and fit well. That might sound obvious, but sometimes we can fall in love with a one-of-a-kind pieces and forget!

Velvet Pillow ($35) – I love this vendor who has a ton of these floral velvet fabrics made into pillows, robes, and yardage available for sale. I almost scooped up this pillow but it was purchased right in front of me as I was waiting to ask about it. Oh well! I did get the vendor’s card and will see if they make more in the future!

Tip: Always get a vendor’s card when they have something you love because you never know if they’ll have more of what you missed out on.

Assorted Patches ($5) – I never buy patches but love looking through them because they are SO fun! I especially loved these that were geography specific and had fun typographic options. They would be fun on backpacks or bucket hats!

Tip: Flea markets are a great way to add to a collection of things (like patches) that you can add to as you go!


  1. Hello, when I saw the “candle holder” you purchased I immediately thought, ” Hey that’s made from glass ashtrays”! Anyone else? (:

  2. Can you get prescription lenses put into vintage glasses? I have tried to get new lenses in some old frames that I love and been told in multiple different spots that they can’t do it bc the lenses are already shaped for the frames that the store sells. If you have a resource for this please share!

    1. Hi Taryn! I think it depends on the frames and how they are made, but I have done it before. I took them to a standard eye doctor and brought my frames and they were able to do it. Probably also depends on your Rx and how thick your lenses are.

  3. Who was the vendor with the velvet fabrics??? I saw them this weekend and didn’t get a card and am kicking myself now!


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