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Easy Valentine Activities (That Don’t Break the Bank)

If you’re looking for a low-lift activity to do together with your kids or any loved-ones in your life this weekend, here are a few ideas…

candy charcuterie for Valentine's Day... / via oh joy!

Valentine’s Day can feel commercial and cheesy, but it can also be lots of fun, full of love and appreciation of the people in your life. If you’re looking for a low-lift activity to do together with your kids or any loved-ones in your life this weekend, here are a few ideas…

Embroider Cards
Pre-punch holes in fun shapes (like hearts, flowers, stars) and then thread string or yarn through for a fun activity and a really cute and thoughtful card for your little’s loved ones. If your kids are a little older, let them use a needle and thread and treat the paper like fabric to embroider! (If you need some inspiration, take a look at these beauties!)

Oh Joy Mini Bundt Cakes

Bake a Cake
Everyone loves a sweet treat—and it tastes even better when you’ve all worked together to bake a masterpiece. Depending on ages, kids can help from the beginning measuring, cracking eggs, using the mixer, etc. or they can be the official decorators with fun sprinkles, icing, etc. If you’re looking for a delicious cake mix, try the ones from The Caker!

Leave a Chalk Message
Surprise friends and family with a chalk valentines outside their homes or offices. Grab a pail of chalk, and sneak up to sidewalks, driveways or parking spots to leave a love-filled message sure to make the day brighter and bring a smile.

Make a Love Heart Garland
Cut out some hearts beforehand, or have everyone help cut out their own! Punch holes on each side of the heart, and thread through string or yarn. On each heart, write something you love about someone- or yourself. Then hang up your garland to remind you how lovable you are!

Decorate Your Windows
Most of us have a window we gather nearby that greets us when we first come home. So decorate it with lots of hearts, love, or even fun/silly drawings to bring a smile to your faces (and your neighbors and friends that visit!) I LOVE these markers and the stain-glass effect they make.

Make Festive Popcorn
While kids (and adults) are likely getting lots of candies and chocolates as treats, it’s still fun to make something together and bring color and festivity to an everyday snack. You can use jello powder, food coloring, or just add sprinkles to make colorful popcorn!

Have a Movie Night
Get everyone together, take a break from the hustle and bustle, and put on a fun family-friendly movie. May I recommend Encanto, a fun movie about family love and support (and remember – we don’t talk about Bruno 😉

Arrange Flowers
This activity might be more advanced and require a little bit older participants, but it’s always fun to put some bouquets together. Then you can leave them on the table for everyone to enjoy or gift to friends or neighbors as a perfect Valentine’s Gift. (Or maybe try brooch bouquets or mini bouquets!)


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