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A Kids Book About Confidence is Here!

I’m so excited to share A Kids Book About Confidence is now available…

Back in November, I first announced the pre-order for A Kids Book About Confidence, and I’m excited to share the book is now available! If you’ve pre-ordered, your book is now on the way to you. And if you haven’t, you can get it right now!

As someone who has spent a lot of my life struggling to find my confidence (always a work-in-progress), I’ve seen first-hand how confidence can improve our lives. A main part of what I strive to do with with my brand is to help people find their confidence—in the way they dress, in their careers, in their home decor, and in their everyday selves.

Confidence allows us to truly become the best versions of ourselves. To be able to translate that message and give tips to kids (and the grown-ups reading with them) is a dream come true. My very best hope is that your kids find encouragement to be more confident in who they are through this book.

I’m thrilled to be an author in the A Kids Co. series which uses words and typography to explain important topics to kids in ways they can understand. I have a large collection of their books for my own kids in a range of topics, and I love them so much.

You can now purchase my book, A Kids Book About Confidence, right here. If you already have your copy, please leave a review so that others can see what you liked and found helpful about the book. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have, so leave those in the comments below here! Thanks as always for your support and enthusiasm for Oh Joy! and the things we do here in our small corner of the internet!

Photos by Lily Glass


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