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Back to School Things (for Kids & Grownups)

If you have kids, they’re getting ready to head back to school before you know it! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces for them..and also for you!

If you have kids, they’re getting ready to head back to school before you know it! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces for them..and also for you!

For Kids…
There are essentials kids always need to last the year, and if you’re ready for an update, here are a bunch of options I love!

Winck Bento Box ($50) – I love the design of these bento boxes and the functionality as well! They are leak-proof and keep food hot or cold for longer. Plus, it’s dishwasher-friendly – a must have in our house!

Target Ice Pack ($5) – A rainbow butterfly ice pack filled with glitter and magic? Yes please! These ice packs are cute and functional and small enough to fit in most lunch boxes (and in tight spaces in my already full freezer).

State Bags Scooter Bag ($75) – Don’t you wish accessories were this cute when you were growing up? This scooter bag clips onto handles of bikes and scooters, doubles as a crossbody bag, and holds everything your kiddos need for a fun day outside.

State Bags Backpack ($90) – State Bags are amazing! They are well designed and fully functional for kids (ahem..and adults!) They have some of the best designs and are partially made with recycled material. They have a pre-loved program where you can buy used and keep them even more sustainable. Plus, they give to American children and families with every bag purchased!

Hello Bello Hand Sanitizer Spray ($7) – Covid taught us a lot – including that we should wash our hands more often! Packing a small spray (that smells great!) in everyone’s bags before they leave home helps keep germs away.

Poketo Mini Planner ($24) – I love these simple and effective calendars from Poketo. Each month is a different color, and they don’t have pre-printed dates so you can use for any year. They match the large wall version I keep in our kitchen to keep everyone organized.

Takeya Water Bottle ($30) – I love these bottles in all the amazing colors! These fit great in my kids’ backpack side pockets, don’t spill, and keep drinks cold!

For Grownups…
Now, for you…you might not be heading back to school, but it’s always fun to get a little something for the change of season and to reward yourself for getting through a hectic summer (with schedule changes and lots of coordination).

Brooke Ede Phone Case ($60) – Yes, you need a phone case! So why not get one that sparks joy?! I love this ombre check pattern which I am currently using right now. Pick up this one, or find one that resonates with you. Life is too short for an all black case 🙂

Poketo Pens ($38) – Is it just me, or does the start of every school year mean filling out a million forms, permission slips, cards, etc.? Make the essential tasks a little more fun with a new set of brightly colored pens. Plus, the ink is all black so no one will know how whimsical you were while filling them out!

Local Eclectic Ring ($75) – Kids get new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new new new … every year at the start of school. So you should grab something, too. I love Local Eclectic because they have beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices that make you happy every time you look at it. You survived the long hot summer, so treat yourself!

Little Market Raffia Handbag ($98) – I just recently got this bag and absolutely love it! Little Market has an amazing business supporting artistans, and this particular bag is handmade in Madagscar. So not only do you look chic and can carry literally everything you need, you are supporting and lifting artisans around the world.

Califia Farms Cold Brew (around $6) – We all know the sting of price increases everywhere, and for me that has me cutting down on my coffee-shop visits. But I have not missed it at all because these cold brews have me being my own barista at home. The coffee is delicious and perfectly sweet and lightened with almond milk (or black if you’re not into that). I find my cutest cup, a fun glass straw, and I’m living my best life.

Welly First Aid Kit ($24) – First, we can all appreciate good, reusable packaging right? Welly has knocked it out of the park with their tins which work so well as bandage holders, but can be repurposed so easily for chic and fun storage. And these amazing colorwash bandages are so fun adding pops of colors to boo-boos to make them feel better. Yes, adults get boo-boos too. (And you know when you need one, your littles will want one, too!)

P.S. Find more of my current favorite things in our shop!

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