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Weekend Links

Happy Weekend!

Here are some good things from around the web…

We had one minute of “fall” weather in LA this week, and then it was back to 90. Boo! So we’re all back in shorts with the AC on, jealous of all you wearing your cute fall booties and cardigans and long sleeves. We’ll be playing outside this weekend and holding on to summer-feels for a little longer. Here are some other good things from around the web…

A Very Asian Guide to Korean Food by Michelle Li — I love Korean food, and now your kids can learn more about it, too!

Our friends at CALPAK just turned 33. Happy Anniversary! (Still love (and miss!) our suitcases with them.)

Have you seen the Every Body Campaign? It’s over 35 beauty brands working together on #Beauty4Choice. The campaign launches on the 25th – be sure to support!

I recently tried the TJ Trail Mix Crackers for the first time and I am hooked.

Student loan forgiveness.

Fast-drying nail polish all day for me. I don’t have the patience for anything else.

We love seeing women in leadership!

A confetti clipboard. Yes please, immediately!

My podcast interview on Better Grownups which I really enjoyed doing. (FYI – Most of my podcast/interviews are linked on my FAQ Page!)

Did you know there are 10 Saturdays until Christmas? Did you ALSO know that we have in our Shop a curated collection of our favorite products from around the web? If you’re needing some inspiration, you can start there, or on our amazing Pinterest account.

P.S. This incredible cat hat was from our Petco collection, and every time I see this picture it makes me happy. Happy Weekend!


      1. (Oh my gosh no apology necessary for a typo!) I just love her Very Asian work and want to see her get the right kudos. Thanks for a great roundup!


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