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My Anti-Makeup Makeup Routine

A few of my favorite products for my daily no-fuss, no-muss make-up routine…

Over on Instagram, I showed you a few of my favorite products for my daily no-fuss, no-muss make-up routine. This is for an average day, where I’m not doing anything special and don’t have any big plans! And, I bought all of these things personally and will keep buying them because I love them…

Supergoop Daily Moisturizing SPF 40 ($44) – First up, sunscreen! Yes, even if you’re 20 – sunscreen everyday (even if it’s overcast)! And don’t forget your neck! Now that I’m in my 40s, I’m seeing some changes in my neck that I never thought about when I was younger. So our mantra for 2023 – don’t neglect your neck 🙂

Jones Road Miracle Balm ($38) – I don’t really do foundation (confession: I don’t know how!). But I do always add a little color to my cheeks. I was actually fed an ad for this on Instagram – they totally got me! I apply with my fingers a little bit to the apple of my cheeks and then back and up toward my ear. And that’s it. Especially in winter when you’re not getting that natural flush of color, a little bit of color works great!

Nars Afterglow Lip Balm ($28) – This is my favorite lip balm. I know it looks really red, but it goes on as just a slight tint and pretty clear-ish (check out my video to see it applied). I like this because it brings some more color to my face, but isn’t heavy lipstick that dries out my lips or feels overwhelming for a casual day. It is also great because even though it has a tint, you don’t have to worry about “staying in the lines” and it keeps my lips moisturized in this dry season.

And that’s it! What do you use every day?

Top Photo by Lily Glass


  1. I’ve never done foundation either! And I had a makeup mom. I just could never get past the feel when I was younger, so I never learned what to use or how to use it!


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