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5 Things I Learned After (Finally) Getting Covid

I kind of feel like the person wearing the crop top a year after it was in style. But, three years later, I got Covid…

I kind of feel like the person wearing the crop top a year after it was in style. But, three years later, I got Covid. I truly thought I would be one of the few people to never get it despite knowing that it’s just part of our life now and (luckily) not as deadly as it once was with all of the vaccines and boosters made available to us since the start of the pandemic. Whether you’ve had it already and can confirm or whether you’ve been spared and curious as to what to expect, here are five things I learned now that I’ve had Covid…

It sucks.
Well, I guess this is different for everyone. Some have a day of headaches and that’s it, while some have weeks of terrible symptoms. I was likely somewhere in the middle, but it was worse for me than I expected. For me it was worse than the flu. I had a fever, lost my voice, and have a terrible sore throat and coughing. The first few days were terrible, and then they slowly started getting better. Today, I’m on day 7 and still have some symptoms but feel so much better than just a couple days ago.

It’s lonely.
While the urgency to isolate isn’t as bad as it was during the first couple years of “having Covid”, getting it still messes with your daily life, job, school, etc. So, I was definitely not going to risk having my kids or husband exposed if I could help it. I stayed in my bedroom when everyone was home and haven’t been in physical contact with them since I tested positive last week. By Day 3, I cried a lot hearing them do their things and live their life without me. It was likely part of the loopiness of Covid but also just that I couldn’t be with them when I really wanted to was hard.

It’s only fun 20% of the time. 
I remember joking to my friends who got Covid that they really wanted this. So, I thought this would be my chance to just be alone, watch TV, and take a break from my daily responsibilities. And, it sort of was. But not at all in a way that I enjoyed. Endless television feels, well, endless eventually, and I just got tired of always watching. I was way too tired to try and read, do work, or be productive until recently.

It’s helps you figure out what you do and don’t like in your daily life.
There was one day and night that I felt like I was tripping on mushrooms (which I have never done but this is my best guess of what it feels like) and all-of-a-sudden, lots of things were becoming clear to me in the daily tasks that I was missing out on and the things I wasn’t missing. I still need to flush out more of that once I feel better, but woah…that was huge.

It’s better with a dog (and a cat!).
When your human family can hug you and be present with you, your pets can. I really would have been even more lonely if I didn’t have my dog to cuddle with me during these long days of being in my room by myself. And, remember, I was the one who didn’t want a dog originally!?


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