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Weekend Links

It’s the Weekend!

I hope you had a great week. Here in LA we are still in the midst of June Gloom which basically means the sun has been out for less than a handful of hours this entire month. It’s making us all a little grouchy and down, so here is some good news and some fun to make your weekend start of right!

If you didn’t see the announcement yesterday, we have a new collection with Printfresh! Shop all the fun summer pieces here!

This show looks incredible! Can’t wait for it come out.

A floral sundress for summer. Pair it with our wedges for the full outfit.

Food delivery workers are about to start making minimum wage in NYC. That’s a start – now let’s have the rest of the country follow.

Father’s Day is Sunday. If you’re participating, it might be too late to ship something to make it on time, but here are some ideas if you’re local. Also, he probably just wants a phone call anyway.

Monday is Juneteenth. Take some time this weekend to read and study and learn about why we celebrate and how important it is to remember.

Some delayed justice for the victims of Epstein.

Wirecutter says this is the best pillow for side sleepers. Anyone have any other good suggestions?

If you care about these things, the Denver Nuggets are the basketball champions this year.

I love a serious fountain pen in a fun colorful case. Ooly makes some of the most fun office and art supplies.


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