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A soft-serve ice cream dispenser…

Inspired by Beth, the Queen of Lists…here is a list of Things I Hope Will Happen Someday…

• Lucky Magazine will arrive in my mailbox 4 days BEFORE it hits newstands, instead of 4 days after.
• There will be a four-door Mini Cooper. An actual one–not plans for one.
• I will own a REAL Eames and Saarinen piece of furniture…preferably an Eames chair (or four) and a Saarinen table.
• Lombardi’s pizza will come back to Philadelphia, so we can stop eating Papa John’s.
• InStyle magazine will have less ads in it, but will still be just as thick.
• There will be a tennis court in my backyard. And a ball machine. And someone to pick up the balls.
• My cat Bruce will no longer have an anxiety disorder.
• Gavin Degraw will sing the acoustic version of “More Than Anyone” at my wedding. Afterwards, he’ll stay for a bit and have a couple glasses of Veuve.
• I will have a soft serve ice cream dispenser in my kitchen…with chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee flavors…and a 4th flavor that will change weekly.
• Lucky Magazine and Domino magazine will write an article about me and my fab home accessories. The goods will have MY name on them, not a client or company that I work for.
• Cats will have their day in the sun, and it will be socially acceptable to take your cat around with you on a leash.
• Iron Chef Morimoto will become my personal chef.
• I will have the ability to be just a TAD more laid back.


  1. 1. how is it that you have a cat and a best friend with an anxiety disorder?
    2. if you make it into Lucky or Domino (and you will), will you mention me?
    3. if you are havinfg veuve at the wedding, i will definitely come
    4. i want an ice cream machine too. buy me one when you and bob get rich

  2. 1. Bruce did live with you for almost 6 months, maybe he was influenced by you during his early growth stage.
    2. yes. i will say you are my muse.
    3. so, if i decide i don’t want you to come, what’s a really crappy champage I can pick?
    4. will do. you can also be the person we hire to maintain the ice cream machine. if we are rich, we’ll pay you more than any corporate job could pay–and all you would have to do is maintain the quality of the ice cream and give us updates on trends in ice cream flavors.

  3. 1. i probably passed a lot of anxiety on to him when he continually knocked over my christmas tree and scared the poop out of my bunnies.
    2. i am? I AM!
    3. thats just mean. take it back.
    4. i can be the ball handler if you want.

  4. It’s gotta be cool to look back at posts like these and see how much you have accomplished, lamely- you now DO have products with you name on them! So very cool and inspiring 🙂


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