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What, are you…sixteen?

Last night, Melanie and I went to the Bloomingdale’s/InStyle Magazine Wedding Party event..a bridal affair showing off various vendors, products, etc…

-unexpected free food like wedding cake, butternut squash soup from The Four Seasons, summer rolls, tuna tartare, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne!
-saw some very lovely dishes by Missoni, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren
-big goody bags with Vera Wang shot glass/bud vase, navy blue stick umbrella with cool wooden handle, and cute canvas tote bag with lemon yellow bottom
-free set of Ralph Lauren martini glasses {definitely the score of the night!}
-received two compliments on my ring by women who stopped me and asked to see it
-Melanie won a door prize…bridal jewelry compromised of a necklace and earrings made of cubic zirconia. I told her if she wins the honeymoon vacation, she’s taking me (not her boyfriend). I was the one who dragged her there.

-a wedding coordinator gave me a smelly votive candle. The scent was “Wedding Day”. If that’s what my wedding day is going to smell like, Bob and I are bringing Febreeze with us.
-no fashion show as I had hoped. Just two girls walking around in wedding dresses holding up cards saying, “Find this dress at Bloomingdale’s.” I thought maybe the dresses were from Wal-mart.
-a photographer told me, “You can’t be getting MARRIED! What, are you sixteen?” No, but thanks for being the 208th person to tell me I look younger than I am.
-I did not win ANY of the door prizes…not even the Vera Wang Christmas ornament that a Jewish girl won but forfeited for obvious reasons. My name is still in the drawing for the honeymoon vacation, so maybe? Or not.


  1. Joy,
    As I’ve mentioned before. You’re such an interesting writer. I can sit and read your blogs over and over again. I love your style of writing. But mostly, I love the way you chose to post your pictures.
    This almost makes me want to blog too.

  2. you don’t even need a ring, really…Melanie signed up so she could get all the free stuff too and they didn’t question the lack of ring. You could say it’s getting re-sized? 😉

  3. I, for one, am quite jealous of the bridal show you and Melanie wen to. The one at the bo-bo Convention Center did not have any yummy samplings of any sort and we did not win, get, or even look at anything worthwhile. The only thing good about that day was the free food and thai iced coffee at your restaurant. Oh, and er.. your exquisite company.


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