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Gold necklace mystery solved!



Many month’s ago, I purchased this necklace at a little boutique in Brooklyn while in town visiting.


I LOVE the necklace and wear it often. But, I didn’t know who designed it and could never give a good answer when people asked me where I got it. I called the store MANY times to find out. No one ever returned my calls. I emailed the store. No answer. Beth even went there one day to ask for me–and the chick didn’t know who made the necklace. {How can you work at a shop and not know where your merchandise came from?}. This weekend, while in town – I got an answer when someone at the shop finally knew! Wendy Bassin designed the necklace that I love so much, and her site is amazing. Very beautifully designed by Nothing: Something: NY.


  1. i acutally saw this necklace this weekend in this shop on atlantic ave. v. nice but mucho expensive so i can understand why your wallet is empty!


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