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Weekend O’ Fun



Highlights from the impromptu visit to Brooklyn this weekend.

01. Trying on wedding dresses…proved unsuccessful. I couldn’t believe the craziness of this big POOFY dress! So, I had to try it on. (Yes, there are hints of green AND purple in the tuille skirt.) This is NOT the kind of dress I had in mind.
02. Seeing Beth try on dresses at Jenny Yoo. Proved VERY successful. I liked a lot of the dresses and need to make a return visit. Beth enjoyed the roominess in the maternity dress option. I said, no.
03. Eating a HUGE plate of nachos at Dinner
04. Getting the same pair of shoes as Beth-lovely rust color leather wedges from Steve Madden. AND wearing them to brunch together the next morning.
05. Sitting next to an adorable little Asian girl at brunch. Her name was Hazel, and she had three pig tails.

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