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I get to work in my pj’s but…



So, as every freelancer knows, working from home has it’s perks….you’re at home, sitting in your pj’s, being paid to design stuff for clients you hardly ever see…but the one big bad thing is Quarterly Taxes. Yes, mine are due next week so here I am trying to figure out how much I have to pay the government. I really would like to keep this money and go out and have a big fat fancy dinner with ten of my closest friends, but alas…this is what I have to do to continue to work at home in my pj’s for clients I never see.

Meanwhile, I will take a break and eat a nice sweet Korean bun that I bought last night at the Korean bakery. I don’t remember what’s in it…but there’s a good chance I’ll eat the whole thing. I’ll let you know how it goes…



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