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10 Reasons I Love Beth



10. She’s a humanitarian and loves animals to no end. She wants two pugs, two rabbits, one cat, and one skunk. That is 3 more pets and 12 more furry feet than she currently has.

09. When I see something I want to buy, but I know I shouldn’t (a bag, shoes, or other unnecessary item), she tells me why buying it is the right decision. And when I actually do buy it, I am very happy I did. Distressed brown leather Anthropologie bag is a very good example.

08. She loves Brunch more than I do. Or at least the same as I do. Or almost as much as I do.

07. She frequents her favorites restaurants so regularly that the waitstaff begins to chuckle at her…to themselves…in another language…but nothing will get in the way of her Friday night quesadilla and margarita.

06. She stalks the newstand guy for Lucky every month. Three days after she has read the current issue, you can find her tapping him on the shoulder for next month’s issue.

05. She truly looks out for my well-being and encourages me to make new friends in the new city I have recently moved to. She tells me I will make new friends if I start a club, but I fear no one will ever join.

04. She is the only person who would join my Magazine Club (instead of a Book Club) if I ever started one. She is the only person who understands how much magazines excite me and how I would much rather read a magazine than a book.

03. In my moments of craziness, she reminds me why being crazy is normal. Or at least why it’s acceptable. Or why people will tolerate it.

02. She really is the most thoughtful person you’ll ever meet. She never forgets birthdays and sends cards for everything. I have gotten cards from her (in the mail…which is the BEST) for…getting engaged, moving into a new apartment, getting a raise at work, getting laid off at work, and for a million other random but great reasons!

01. She has perseverance. She convinced me to start this blog…it took her a really long time, but she did it.

(More “Reasons I Love {fill in the blank}” soon…YOU just might be next…)


  1. hi, this is john i think this blog is really sweet and i would like to know if beth is single, get back to me a.s.a.p
    love you x


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