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Jubi is my HERO!



Today, my dear friend Jubi ran her 1st half marathon. I watched from the window of my apartment as everyone began. Then I greeted Jubi at the finish line…13.1 miles later. If you’re ever feeling like crap, just watch the end of a long race (in person). It’s amazing how inspired you become simply by watching people cross the finish line.

Jubi is my hero!


  1. Well, I have to say I look like a big dork with my hands all flailing around, but I’ll forgive myself. Thanks to Joy for the only pictures that I have capture the moments!! You my friend, are much appreciated.

  2. So I found your blog through another one I read on the daily (Design*Sponge)…I started reading yours a few weeks ago; I couldn’t get over how much I think like you and agree with almost everything you post. Point of my writing you is…I looked at the picture of your friend starting the run…and that’s about three blocks from my apartment!….
    Go figure you live not only in my city but in the same neighborhood. Maybe I’m the only one astonished by how big the internet is and how small my own little world is.
    Keep on rockin’ girl! Your taste is design keeps me reading-up every day!


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