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You are not normal



I got the new issue of Domino yesterday. So, I sat on the couch and did my first and second run through as I do with every new magazine soon after I get it. Bob is sitting next to me reading Cargo. (We are Condé Nast’s DREAM couple.)

I turn to him and say, “Every time I get a new Domino magazine, I get so excited. My heart beats really fast, and I can’t stay calm. I flip through it so fast the first time because I am so excited to see what’s in it. And the second time, I am just so happy even though I have a really hard time breathing while I’m reading it.”

He turns to me and says, “You are not normal.”

(Wow – that is why I am marrying him. He tells it like it is.)

Other magazines that make me feel this way: Living Etc. (UK), Elle Decoration (UK), Teen Vogue, and Lucky.



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