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What’s in a name?

This past weekend, while sitting next cute little Asian girl named Hazel at brunch with Beth, it made us think about the names we would like for our future children.

JOY: {+*&^} is still my favorite for a girl.
BETH: Damn. I wanted that name!
JOY: I told you about that name in 2001 when I met a girl named {+*&^}.
BETH: I know, it’s yours…
JOY: A good way to determine if a name flows is if she/he could use their real first and last name as the name for a fashion label or as a book author.

Today, Beth and I are emailing about how baby bedding has become so sophisticated and chic lately. She writes…

BETH: My baby, {+*&^}, will use cool bedding like that.
JOY: That is so mean.
BETH: I said something kind of mean to my mom yesterday. I told her I kind of hoped you have all boys so I could use the name. But you know I dont mean that. It’s your name. I promise.
JOY: This is why we need friendship necklaces. Our relationship is clearly falling apart.


  1. +1 with sharing that name! I’m trying to think of good baby names right now and need some creative input, lol. I won’t steal it, just need to get those creative juices flowing. 😛


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