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10 Reasons I Love Bob



10. Nine years ago, he asked me out on a date…even after Jim said I was bossy.

09. Most people complain about their job…they hate their boss, they hate what they do, they’re not getting paid enough. Bob works 80-100 hours a week yet he hardly ever complains. He actually loves what he does.

08. Bob lives the baller lifestyle without the baller wallet yet he can be reasonable when reason is needed. That is why we are a good match…I lack reason.

07. Bob is a sophisticated dork. He has taught me to appreciate the finer things in life…like expensive earphones, flash memory, Belgian beer, and the difference between a merlot and a pinot noir.

06. He loves cats. And he’s totally straight.

05. He is the disciplinarian of the household. The cats know who’s boss.

04. Bob likes Thai food. (Or at least he pretends to so that I’ll keep him around.)

03. He knows what’s going on in my head before I know it myself. Just a few days before he proposed to me, I saw a picture of a bomb ass engagement ring in a magazine. I dog-earred the page for “future” reference..and hid the magazine at the bottom of the pile so he wouldn’t see it and freak out. But, three days later–when he proposed, he gave me the very same ring I had dog-earred in the magazine. AND, he had purchased it three weeks prior…before I even knew it existed!

02. He is very good at random surprises. One morning (after being post-call and working 36 hours), he came home and made me Eggs Benedict before I even woke up.

01. He knows how crazy I can be, yet he wants to marry me anyway.


  1. hello. I am sorry,my english isn’ t good 🙁
    when I sorf internet I found your blog. Your blog is very very very nice, colourful. Nice pictures, nice ideas… I want to write my liking.
    happy new years…

  2. hello . . . I googled “I love Bob” and your blog came up as the first on the list. I have a “bob” too. And I also love him. He proposed to me by suprise on Easter Monday of this year. I love Bob. Great blog. Just thought I’d share my own personal “Bob” story. 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. That was the sweetest thing. I only hope I will find someone who loves me as much as Bob loves you. The ring is beautiful!

  4. My Bob has been my lover for 7 years. He will be my husband soon. You and your Bob are a cosmic match. Bob’s a great name when you love ‘a Bob’!

  5. Like comment leaver #10, I entered “I love Bob” and up came your blog. I love (my) Bob too. Like your Bob, he works hard without complaint and wanted to marry me despite knowing how crazy I was – and he still wants to be married to me despite how crazy I still am! We’ve been married 27 years.


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