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10 Reasons I Love Lip Balm

10 ~ It’s compact and can be carried everywhere.

09 ~ It’s relatively inexpensive (depending on your choice of balm)…which means I can have multiple tubes or little containers…all in different places around the house when the need strikes.

08 ~ I can’t leave the house without it. An evening out to dinner without it is PURE torture.

07 ~ They come slightly tinted. My favorites are Perfumeria Gal in Red Current and Neutrogena MoistureShine tinted lip balm in Clean.

06 ~ In case of emergency, it can be used a temporary face moisturizer…particularly the clear balms.

05 ~ Like a potato, it’s versatile. It can come in a tube, a stick, a pot, or a wand.

04 ~ It makes one appear feminine and kissable in just seconds.

03 ~ It can be found almost everywhere.

02 ~ It fixes all my problems…particularly the slight feeling of dry lips.

01 ~ It’s not addicting…I swear.


  1. if u use lip balm for ages and ages and then u lose it ur lips will die for weeks before they go back to normal, im in the middle of a cold-turkey lip balm quit, so take it from me! My lips are really dodgy now ive stopped using lip balm!!! But im glad i stopped early, and they will go back to normal in a week or so. The thing is, lip balm contains this fatty stuff that ur lips also produce, and wen u start wearing it ur lips stop producing it! And then they go crusty and red, so STOP WHILE YOU CAN!!!

  2. i know this is an old entry…
    but it’s still so funny
    i ADORE lip gloss…
    i find them all over my life…
    pockets, purses, cars, etc….
    great site!
    just found it and i love it.


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