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Little Boxes of YUM



Last night, I had dinner at Lacroix…one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Philadelphia. My aunt was in town so it was a small family reunion to celebrate our engagment. At the end of the night, while chowing down on my Chocolate Souffle, we were presented with a congratulatory treat….these little boxes of YUM.

And then, more sweet surprises with an entire plate full of these little delights…


AND, on a more crude note…the highlight of the evening occurred when my cousin’s young daughter received her bowl of chocolate ice cream…presented ever so French, as two small scoops in a large white bowl. It was beautifully presented, but slightly smaller than your typical scoops of ice cream and in a slightly different shape. My cousin turns to my mom and says (in Thai)…”They look like testicles”. They laugh to one another thinking that no one else heard (or could translate) her crude comment. But I did…and thought it was just perfect!


  1. i have a sony dsc-v1. the key is to use no flash (unless it’s really night time)…even if it’s cloudy out and the flash pops up, i manually disable the flash so i can use natural light. i also shoot everything in macro–so that it takes better close-up, detailed shots.

  2. The boxes look like gifts from Tiffany’s! Anything mini = delicious. Is there anything more enthralling on a menu than ‘petits fours’ and ‘hors d’ouevres’?


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