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I’m not a curly-haired red head



I don’t know what it is…but I have a bit of a fascination with wavy haired, freckled-faced red heads. Maybe because they represent a look that is beyond me. I’ve never had an ounce of color in my straight black hair…and I’ve never been able to sprout a freckle no matter how hard I try. I came across this image of this red headed beauty in a beautiful pleated lace dress…wind blowing through her multi-textured wavy red hair…she’s glowing, yet she has a secret. This photo truly spells out my fascination. It makes me want to go and get a lace dress and stand in a windy field…holding onto a small secret yet to be revealed.

{Photo by Peter Hannert, Brides Magazine}


  1. I always admired perfectly straight black hair — and I’m the freckle faced, wavy redheaded type although my hair has dimmed over the years . I think that shows that you always want what you don’t have but thanks for shedding some love on us spotty people 😉

  2. Oh my, another one with a facination for redheads 😉
    Just browsed along the web and found that image, many many thanks for posting it.
    She’s a wonderfully beautiful woman *sighs* and well, freckles are sexy x>
    Greets from Austria

  3. i too am red headed, with tons of freckles. my hair hasn’t lost any color, but then again im only 27

  4. I’m jealous, even though she must be REALLY cold. My hair would only look like that if I don’t brush it…which would be unpleasant for everyone around me.

  5. ooo weee i have red wavy hair and just a few freckles! in the summer they darken up. totally not as wavy as that womans hair, i wish it was, my hair used to be super straight, now it is just really thick and big waves.
    i slap on the spf 60 in the summer but i still manage to get a sunburn sometimes. woe is the life of a redhead

  6. i am a red head and i love it, on the down side bees and wasps are atracted to us the always try to fly in my hair lol freaky.. i have 2 other red headed sisters in my family it does suck that we cant be in the sun for very long but i do love my freckles


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