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Cool Discovery of the Week



Just stumbled upon this great new site with a variety of goods…home accessories, jewelry, and items for baby. The online shop is still growing but there are some great finds. Here are some of my favorites from this is auto – the online shop for the actual shop, auto, located in New York.

1 ~ Eazy Bean Fruit Bag
2 ~ Bubble Necklace by Mine
3 ~ Bird Earrings by Hannah Clark
4 ~ Dool Scratchy Votive Holder in which you can etch your very own design
5 ~ Stuffed Bunny Toy
6 ~ Caviar Cluster Ring by Andrea Corson
7 ~ John Pomp Egg Vase
8 ~ Missoni Giglio Beach Towel (great for the hodge-podge of color from yesterday’s post!)

One comment

  1. I’m not a big ring person b/c well, my fingers are big. Wait, I guess that does make me a big ring person. Sorry abt the cheese….all of it to say tho that I love no. 6!


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