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My Wish List…



Santa, if you’re out there…here are some things I’ve been eyeing…

{left to right, top to bottom}
TOP ROW: A.B. Sutton Leather Nano Case, Turquoise Branch Ring, Bulga Bag

MIDDLE ROW: Xyron 510 Machine (I know, kind of random…but I totally want one!), Amenity Peacock & Gold Pillow, Floral Rug from West Elm

BOTTOM ROW: Rebe Dahlia Sweatshirt, Kate Spade Cosmo Dana Wallet


  1. Aha! I’ve been eyeing on the sweatshirt and the floral rug too… If Santa drop these things on your chimney, pls ask him to fly to singapore. 🙂
    btw, glad I found your site. Love your blogs. happy thanksgiving!


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