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Good fortune to come?

On Thanksgiving, while sorting through some of my old artwork in my parents’ basement, I looked inside a bag of trash they had set aside and saw an envelope with my name on it. I figured they had thrown away an old birthday card, but I wanted to take a look and feel that bit of nostalgia. So, I opened it and saw a Happy Sweet 16 card from a friend in high school. AND what do I find but fifteen dollars inside! This made me really happy. I have never “found” money in my entire life, and the money I do find actually belongs to me from 10 years ago!

This made me think that had I not been curious enough to see what was thrown away in that trash bag, the fifteen dollars would have been thrown away and lost forever. It was only fifteen dollars, but still…hello, symbolism? I wondered how much money really does get thrown away in the this world. The superstitious part of me thought (and hopes) that maybe this means good fortune is coming my way. I’ve had a slow couple months and I could really use some good fortune right about now. I was thinking I’d use the money to buy lottery tickets or something…and maybe it would launch an upward spiral, some life-changing event.

BUT in a moment of desperation last night, it was used to pay for pizza. There goes my good fortune…


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