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Coming full circle: Holiday Cards 2005



I love it when I can find use for a previous design that I never got to use. I drew up a mini floral for our Save-the-Dates, but it got nixed when my fiancé thought it was too girly for him. I shrugged my shoulders and knew I’d find a way to use my mini florals somehow…and voila…Holiday Cards 2005! I re-jigged the floral to be slightly more holiday-looking, but it’s still a very Spring-time looking Holiday card. Fine by me…I love Spring! Here are three versions of this design I’ve made into cards for various people (clients & friends) in my life.

{SIDE NOTE: I think these would’ve been GREAT printed via letterpress by Mav of port2port – or even my own Gocco. But I started too late and didn’t plan ahead. I’m going to start thinking about next year’s cards in October!}

Here’s the most holiday-looking of the bunch…printed color laser on heavy cover stock. Uses red, green, and a muted turquoise.

Here’s the crafty version. This one is printed black & white laser on heavy stock, then sewn with various machine stitches…pink thread outside, red inside.


Finally, here’s the super-girly version. This uses the original color scheme from the non-used Save-the-Dates. They are printed color laser on regular text weight stock and mounted onto circular scalloped-edged cards. I probably won’t send these to anyone as they don’t say Holiday at all and they may even be too girly for ME (I didn’t think it was possible?).


And there you have it, three cards making use of my previously nixed mini floral…at least two of which, I’ll be using this Holiday season.


  1. this would be SO fun to letterpress print. but, that said, it just looks great now as well. you’re very creative & i love that you share it! thanks for mentioning little old me! cheers, mav

  2. i’d have to say that the last one is my favorite too, and i dont tend to love girly-girl stuff! But is it folded? Or do you just sign on the back? the first is my second favorite. I just think you really need the color unless it really is a letter-press (which is easy to envision with this). Amazing job though!

  3. thanks for the great comments–it’s so good to hear what others think. sometimes i get stuck with liking the outside perspective really helps!


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