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I Heart Bob (multiple times over)



I just came across this photo that I just had to share with you all. Here is a photo of the pure craziness of wrapping paper I made for Bob’s bday presents earlier this year. Totally campy & 80’s style…he sure did pick up on the message I was trying to convey!


  1. Joy,
    How did you make the wrapping paper? With the holiday upon us, I would also like personalize my wrapping, if not too difficult.

  2. hi mahnaz,
    i drew the pattern in Illustrator and then printed it on my own large format inkjet printer–i did all of it at home. but you could always take your files to kinko’s and have them print color laser. and if you don’t have the tools to draw on the computer, you can collage things onto a sheet of paper and have them color photocopied on large paper. the options are endless!

  3. I am a college student with limited resources and LOVE your I <3 Bob paper and was wondering if you were selling it? My BF of 7 years is Bob and my dad is also a Bob! haha I know I know! So I could definately use some Bob paper! Let me know


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