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Look and you shall find…



My parents are moving so I’ve been going to their house and collecting things that are mine from years (and years) past. What a lovely surprise to come across these great mini tea/espresso cups! They are perfectly lined in gold and come with coordinating saucers!

{Thanks to Julia for telling me about Limoges. As described by Julia, Limoges is the beautiful fine porcelain gelato-coloured tea cups and accessories made in Limoges, France that go by that name. They are the epitome of the elegant tea party. They are usually rimmed in gold, and there are many copycats. Very expensive, but so delightful. It’d be a dream to own a set, or even just one tea cup and saucer!}


  1. So pretty! They look like Limoge with those lovely colours and the gold. BTW after seeing the Flea Market Style book here I ordered it on Amazon and got it this week – I love it! The photos are so gorgeous, I’m feeling very inspired. Not sure how it will go with a super-minimalist Tokyo apartment, but I can try and work in a few touches…


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