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Cool Photographer: My Lala Land


I’m been a big fan of the My Lala Land photo blog for some time now. But lately, she’s been doing some amazing grainy shots that I simply love, shown in gorgeous black & white portraits. I’m also loving her recent series of flowers that have a sort of somber undertone…see more of Lala’s work here.



  1. hello there,
    I just found this from your comment on d*s. Very nice and I love the pics in this post, so of course had to check out that blog too!! Bookmarked both. Nice designs, maybe I should switch to typepad. I am learning html and tinkering with the template, but who knows… time consuming. Anyway, love photography and the portraits so thanks!!

  2. those are wonderful pictures. But how can I see more of the photographer’s work? when i clicked on the site, they show me many links to different photographers. thanks.


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