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personal history – part III


For this week’s Self Portrait Tuesday, here’s a sequence which shows the introduction of a sibling into my happy 8-year-old life. I’m in a dark hospital room after my mom has given birth. I’m not happy at all…because I know my life of being the only child is forever gone–AND I got a brother, instead of a sister. Luckily for my brother, he was the cutest damn kid ever. (see bottom photo) And he turned out to be a really great guy as a grown-up…



  1. Love it! That’s such a great shot, the first one, it really does resonate how you must be feeling – the darkness, the corner, little you in the big chair. And your brother is a bit too cute, so I can imagine that made up for it!

  2. Aww….who is that adorable little boy??…you know he must be REALLY handsome now that he’s older! 😀 I must agree with you Joy your brother was the cutest baby I have ever seen..and he’s still pretty darn cute today! That baby face of his gets me every time. And I love the picture of you waiting for him to be born..its true you don’t look very happy..but who would be after 8 yrs of being an only child. I think it all worked out for you in the long run though! (And you know..having your brother in the world..hasn’t turned out too bad for me either<3..hehe!)


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