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Philly Find: Bonté Waffles


Typically, with my Philly Finds I tell about new spots I’ve recently discovered in Philadelphia. However, this time…I’m telling about my newest obsession, Bonté waffles. I’ve passed this shop for several months, but I only recently tried one of their Belgian Gafre waffles when Beth and Jenna were in town last month. AND, ever since, I dream about these sugary pieces of goodness day & night! A great snack or breakfast food, the waffles are made like the Gaufres on the streets of Belgium. Choose a filling (or two)..chocolate, walnuts, bananas, strawberries, etc…and your filling is wrapped in a ball of dough, covered with chunky sugar, and pressed in an waffle iron for three minutes. The result is pure goodness, both crispy & chewy, that can be eaten right out of the paper sleeve. And, even if this is a snack-like indulgence, it doesn’t feel like one. I don’t feel guilty after eating one nor do I feel like I have to wait several days before having one again…then again, when do I ever feel guilty for eating? My current favorite is a banana & walnut waffle with a San Pellegrino. Bonté also has a great selection of coffee, tea, sandwiches, and salads…


WHAT + WHERE: Bonté ~ 130 South 17th Street, Philadelphia ~ 215 557 8510, and 922 Walnut Street, Philadelphia ~ 215 238 7407

{ps. I was cameraless the last few times I’ve been to Bonté, so this photo credit goes to the January 06 issue of Philadelphia Magazine}


  1. my parents are opening up a Bonte cafe in south orange village new jersey. its pretty cool and the food is awesome, not just the waffles(even though they are like a piece of heaven!)

  2. Sadly, I just went here and it was horrible. Burnt on the outside, raw on the inside, and tasted of nothing but yeast. Also, the store was dirty, out of knives and chocolate syrup. It’s been almost 7 years since your glowing recommendation, apparently a lot has changed:(


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