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Poached Egg Antipasto Salad


So, I’m really working on becoming more domestic, especially in the kitchen. As much as I enjoy making new things, the idea of buying all new ingredients for one dish overwhelms me and often those ingredients go to waste after that one fab dish is made. I’m an avid viewer of Good Deal with Dave Lieberman on the Food Network because he combines some store bought items with fresh ingredients to make really easy, yet great dishes. Here’s a salad I came up with accidentally based on leftovers I had in the fridge…


~ Spinach leaves
~ Roasted red peppers, hot peppers, fresh mozzerella, and Italian meats…all part of a previously purchased Antipasto plate
~ And, my added special ingredient…2 poached eggs. This may seem like an odd thing on a salad, but it’s very common in Europe (I think…) and really delicious!
~ Top with balsamic viniagrette dressing, freshly grated parmesean, freshly grated pepper, and for some extra spice…a sprinkle of cayenne pepper!


  1. That’s so funny–I just cooked a poach egg this afternoon too and posted it on my blog. And I NEVER cook of late. Trying to get off to a good start for the year… The salad looks delish!

  2. So poached eggs IS supposed to look like that. 🙂 I had them years ago in London and tried making my own the other day, but I thought I was doing something wrong. Been so long so I had forgotten what it looked like. The salad looks really good, I love all food with spinach in it!

  3. Looks super delicious! I love poach eggs – they are great in salads. Steam some asparagus and place a poached egg on top, along with shaved parmesan, drizzle with good olive oil, salt and pepper – sex on a plate.

  4. Yummy! And I love the border on the picture, how’d ya do it? Photoshop? Self-made border? I’d love to do something like that around some of my wedding photos (since they’re all digital).


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