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  1. I love wallpapers.. can’t get enough of them, but with infant & toddler, we can’t have them now. Maybe when my kids’ curiousity and creativity are better controlled… 😉

  2. Wow..these are great joy, I am absolutley mad about wallpapers (as you might have guessed from my work!)..have you checked out Timorous Beasties website? they are based in Glasgow but have now achieved international acclaim for their controversial prints! Maybe not one for your front room, but interesting anyway!! P.s, thanks for the link to my blog 🙂 X

  3. Whenever I think wallpaper I remember when I was in London 2 years ago, it coincided with Gucci releasing their own very expensive wallpaper (black with gold interlocking Gs) and The Sun newspaper printed one whole page of the same print. The next day they ran a story about how a young girl bought 300 Sun newspapers of the previous day and used their Gucci rip-off page to wallpaper her bathroom, and it cost the same as one square metre of Gucci’s. It was hilarious!
    Imagine that…that horrible newspaper smell (and damp newspaper, no less!) everytime you went to the bathroom!

  4. I’ll admit it. I, too, am addicted to magazines. I love all those you mentioned, and I also am loving Jane and Giant these days, for their snarkiness. I “have” to read a ton of mags as research for work, and man does that make me happy.


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