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Cool Paper Goods: millimeter/milligram


Love the quirky, yet functional goods from millimeter/milligram located in Korea. Kelly passed on this site a couple months ago cause she thought I would like it ~ and she was right! They currently only sell their goods in Korea, Japan, and Paris…Well, for now, I will admire their goods from a far..and await my next trip to a country that sells their goods.

UPDATE: Kathy just alerted me to the fact that she’s seen millimeter/milligram in the US! Hooray! They don’t currently post the US stores on their site, but hopefully soon…



  1. They sell some of their items in a Chicago shop on Division called Penelope’s. Perhaps they sell elsewhere in the US but don’t advertise that fact?
    If there is something you are keen on that Penelope’s has, I’d be happy to be a distance shopper for you.
    The shop is on my way home from the EL and each time I walk by I have to restrain myself not to buy more millimeter/milligram stuff!

  2. Wow..I like this a lot…shame there are no stockists for me to frequent in the UK, but I will be sure to swing by Colette when i’m in Paris…will just have to make the most of it and treat myself -hoho! Thanks joy :)xx

  3. Yay for Penelope’s!! They have a lot of fun things by millimeter/milligram like Kathy said. I bought that sketch book in the first photo for a friend of mine. So incredibly adorable (only $10 too!). I also picked up a few packages of their stationary. Love it all!

  4. i first discovered millimeter/milligram in seoul, and i’m so happy that it’s now available here. i wish i’d bought a bunch of it, but at the time i was on a paper goods buying moratorium (having just splurged on a TON of notebooks and stationery in japan!!!)…

  5. Hello, I work at Penelope’s and we do carry Millimter Milligram!!!I promise it will make your heart grow 10% bigger immediately upon seeing it…Feel free to call us if you would like to order something.

  6. Hi !
    I bought the “sketch book” planner (top picture) at end of 2007 in Chicago while vacationning there. I didn’t know it was the only place to sell it in the US. How lucky I was !
    I loved this planner which accompanied me for 2008.
    For 2009, I tried to find the same kind of planner in Paris (where I live). Finally, I bought a planner by Little Otsu at “Bird on the wire” :


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