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Happy Friday…


Happy Friday everyone. It’s a bit gloomy over here today weather-wise, but I am certainly happy to get a couple days of rest this weekend! I’m making myself take off for most of today to take care of some wedding stuff, so I leave you with a couple fun images from my new Zakka books. You crafters out there, have been talking about these great books for some time now, so I had to get my hands on a couple…love them! The projects are wonderful, but it’s the styling and color in the photos that really make me happy.





  1. oh yeah! zakke rocks. so glad you found it.
    i went through a phase on p2p where i posted nothing but these types of sites… i’ll send you the post links if i can figure out where they are. good weekend to you, mav

  2. Too cute for words, especially the little pouch in the top pic. I would HAVE to keep some plastic farm animals in something like that to bring a smile to my face whenever I opened it up!

  3. I keep seeing pages from these books on Flickr, and am intrigued. Do they have patterns for the crafts pictured – I’m so tempted to buy one, although I may look out for them at out Asian Mall first.


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